How Do Celebrities Protect Their Homes?

People always judge others based on the properties they own. One of which gets into the limelight is their house. Similarly, for celebrities, who are always in prominence, their homes are always notable to fans.

Thousands of people gather in front of celebrity homes to glimpse their loved ones. This, however, concerns the security issue. There have been various incidents in recent years of burglary of celebrities. It makes sense; they are known to have a lot of money, which makes them vulnerable to thieves.

But they can’t stop their fans. And they need to keep their homes and family members safe too. Unfortunately, it is not just the burglary that celebrities have to protect themselves and their homes from these days; professional criminals are constantly attacking them because of social media.

And knowing the plans of the rich and famous people, it is easy to understand when the property will be left wide open. However, with numerous advancements in smart security, many rich and famous people have used the latest technology to protect their homes. Some of the ways that they use include:

High fences are a great option

When you need extra protection, you should pay extra attention to the arrangement of our fences. High fences are different from normal fences. These are very long and strong. A high fence is as high as a story, reducing the risk of intruders crossing that fence.

Barbed wire mesh for extra protection

Sharp cords are excellent for ensuring extra protection. You can use it over the gate and fence when you feel there is a chance of someone jumping or climbing.

This type of wire mesh is made of different materials and is designed to provide maximum protection. The thorny match not only blocks the invaders but also brings in an injury to the invaders (if anyone tries to cross the fence).

Razor barbed wire

The cord with sharp razor blades can easily injure unwanted criminals. This type of barbed wire dramatically enhances the security of any property. Most VIP buildings are protected with this wire mesh.

Hiring an expert security team:

Both the barbed wire mesh and the razor barbed wire mesh are excellent for their services. But, the need for a professional security team still takes over all preventive measures. Such teams are armed with the best weapons and stay alert 24/7.

Installing a high-quality CC TV camera:

The next thing that requires consideration is how good your current security system is. Not only at the level of prevention but also at the level of photographic evidence. Most home security systems fail because they are not appropriately installed, so they cannot protect essential items.

The CC TV camera is something you wish to install for both indoor and outdoor areas. Also, these are must-have items, especially for celebrity homes. These cameras include the latest surveillance feature, advanced image editing, video recording, and remote access. You can view the recording even when you are out of the house.

Smart Alarms

In order to prevent thieves from invading the house, it is important to ensure they are caught as soon as they step into the area. For this reason, installing smart alarms in your yard and home helps in protection.

This helps to be notified as soon as someone arrives near the house. You can add smoke sensors, gate sensors, glass sill sensors, etc. A closed network alarm system is something that burglars cannot break into.

Flash Fogging

If the intruder finds a way to your area or premises, you need to look for enough time before you can call the police or notify your neighbors. Then, you must catch them unready to prevent them from stealing anything.

You can do this with flash fogging. This system increases the temperature in your home and allows your windows to block out fog. Also, fog prevents burglars from having a clear view inside your home and stealing.

Panic Rooms

This may be a bit expensive option, but if you have a large family, it may be the best protection against the risk of burglary. It is a secret room inside your home where you and your family can hide from danger.

Doors are resistant to bullets; the room has a fence and a security system fitted with cameras. This is a complete solution for home invasion situations.

How to reduce the risk of break-ins?

The first thing you need to do is to reduce the chance. Social Media is obviously an important part of the celebrity toolbox, and it is essential to keep a personal name. However, you can do a few things to prevent the next big celebrity robbery.

  • No disclosing of times when the family home will be empty. Posting about booking a vacation or a trip to the event before the event may hint at an empty house.
  • Think of the photos you take in your home. This may reveal your security or insecurity. Make sure you do not show all the rooms in your house to professional criminals.
  •  Also, keeping your personal life private and to yourself dramatically reduces the chances of burglaries. What people don’t know, don’t desire.

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