What to Do If Someone Breaks In Your Home

Our homes are our castles, and we feel safe and secure within them. But unfortunately, robberies and break-ins violate our safe and personal properties by a burglar who seeks money or valuables.

A thief who breaks into an empty house is a problem, but the threat of home invasion, while everybody is at home is what keeps most people awake at night.

According to FBI statistics, most home invasions take place during the day. This gives the residents a chance. Having a plan and a few minutes to do it makes for a great result. However, criminals can act smart, and circumstances can change unexpectedly during a crime. Hence you need to take some smart preventive measures.

So, here are a few things you can do to reduce some of your financial and security risks from burglary.

Install safety measures

Usually, the burglars want to take things without hurting the house’s residents. However, if you hear someone breaking into your home, hide if you can. If not, tell them the police are on their way and try using household items to fight them. In the meantime, protect your home to protect it from potential burglars.

Planning home defense strategies is difficult because home invasions do not follow a predictable pattern. Break-ins response systems should be simple and flexible so they can be implemented quickly in various situations. Some layers of preparation and planning can provide some peace of mind.

Investing in security measures, such as additional security at the entrance, lighting, and home security systems that give access to monitors, make your home less attractive and less accessible to burglars. In addition, if potential burglars hit the roadblocks as they try to enter, you may call the police to investigate an attempt of invasion, keeping you safe from an actual one.

Activate Your Burglar Alarm System

Get a home alarm to scare thieves and call for help. Investing in a home alarm system can scare off any burglars who try to break into your home. Also, it will call the police on your behalf so that they can come to help as soon as possible.

This can be especially important if you have a panic button. If you do not have an alarm installed, try turning off your car alarm using your keys. Any nearby loud noise will stop the criminal from escaping.

Also, make sure you display a home alarm company sign outside your home so that burglars can see that they will be caught if they try to break into your home.

Don’t panic

Having a plan in place in case a burglar breaks into your house helps your family panic less and prepare for the situation.

Keep in mind that most home invaders chase after essential items which are easily accessible and do not intend to harm the occupants. According to the FBI, most criminals do not intentionally choose the time when people are at home. Therefore, they get surprised to find people in the house. In this situation, you don’t need to panic; stick to your plan and follow it.

Call the police

Do not move in if you find that your home has been robbed before you enter. Before you plan to do anything else, you must call the police and wait for them to show up. By entering, you can destroy evidence that could help the police find the robber, or even worse, you could be in danger while the criminal is still inside.

Besides, if you have seen that person, remember what they looked like (their gender, age, race, clothing, and where they went) so you can tell the police. If you were in your house when you found out that someone broke in, try not to touch anything. Take pictures to show the police and the insurance company.

File a report

After the police arrive, they will probably tell you how to get your report. This could include anything from filling out an online report to getting off at a police station.

You will need to get your police report before you try to apply to your insurance company. Once you have a police report, you should call your insurance company immediately and complete it on everything.

At this point, they will seek information from the police report and send a request fixer to your home. Here, you will need your information to request your stolen items.

Secure your home

When all the reports filing work is done, you must start bringing your life back together. First, close all the access points. If it is a broken window, replace or place it on top. Next, look for the weak parts of your entry points and consider installing security cameras there.

Inform your neighbors about the theft (if they have not yet noticed the police in your home). However, the burglar might not try to get into their houses, but it is good to have extra preventive measures.


Home burglary may happen in any of our houses at any time. You just need to prepare yourself beforehand to try to avoid the losses and circumstances.

It is important to carefully tackle this situation without messing it up and always follow safety precautions.

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