Your safety does not have a price tag, and you should not joke about it either. Many tenants leave their apartments to new ones without leaving the keys behind. For whatever reason, it is a common practice, and so you must change your locks when you move home. If you want to change the entire lock system, have a qualified locksmith rekey the locks. Rekeying means that all previous keys that can open the door cannot do that anymore. Changing or rekeying your locks is a small cost compared to your security and safety.

We will get to your location within 30 minutes regardless of where you leave or are stranded at. However, the time it takes to repair the lock is dependent on several factors. First, what type of lock and how much damage has it sustained?

Secondly, what the client wants the technician to do for you. At Green Locks and Keys, our locksmith has 20 -30 minutes for a regular repair, but when tools and machines are involved, it might take up to 45 minutes. While we hurry to serve you, we do it with excellence and customer satisfaction.

Lock snapping is an access method that intruders use to gain entrance into your home. This process involved tampering with the cylinder system by snapping it to gain entry into any property. It does not matter if it is residential, commercial, or industrial outlets. If the door has a lock, it can be snapped. 

Most intruders use this method because the lock was DIY and not well fitted. However, lock snapping can be prevented if you consult a professional locksmith. The locksmith is needed because they will install the lock and add an anti-snap cylinder to the lock mechanism.

Good locks and keys will last forever unless it is compromised or you feel it is venerable to outsiders. Green Locks and Keys locksmith offer 12 months warranty on services offered. 

The locks and keys remain durable according to the warranty on the products. At this point, we want to guarantee our customers that we only use the best products that can offer us the guarantee our customer’s desire.

At Green Locks and key, distance is not a problem. We are in business because of you and will do anything to satisfy you. If you reside in the Dallas areas and surrounding, trust us and call our emergency line (972) 421-8809, we will be there. Additionally, we have a mobile locksmith van that allows our technicians to resolve all key and lock problems right before you.

A keyed alike is having one key capable of unlocking all the doors or locks in your home, office, or company. A master key is similar to a keyed alike and can only be crafted by a credible locksmith. A keyed alike is better for people that live alone, and it is better than having a bunch of keys that take too long to know which one opens which doors. A keyed alike can be done during a rekey service. If the customer wants this service, the entire locks of your home will be changed to a similar configuration.

Usually, most locksmiths need the original key to configure the lock effectively. Even though a key is required to change the locks, some locks can be changed successfully without the original key. 

If you do not have the key, our locksmiths will remove the cylinder, reconfigure it, and then cut another key for the new configuration. Furthermore, we are efficient and work carefully without destroying the door or accessories surrounding it. If you want a credible locksmith in the Dallas region and surrounding, call Green Locks and Keys at (972) 421-8809.

Yes, all locksmiths must be registered if they want customers and grow their business in Texas.

There are so many quacks and unlicensed locksmiths parading on the worries of innocent people lockout or in key/lock problem. It is required to ensure that your locksmith is licensed, insured, and certified by the business board where their business is located. In Texas, all locksmith services are regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Services Division – Private Security Bureau (PSB). Hence all locksmiths operating within the state are required to be licensed by law. To work with a registered locksmith, call (972) 421-8809 now.

Gone are the days when locksmiths acted like blacksmiths. Today they have sophisticated tools and cutters that enable them to cut any key without blemish. Additionally, locksmiths now have an offer called the restricted key, this is like a master key, but it cannot be duplicated by another locksmith except the initial locksmith. The restricted key offers a high level of security especially great for people who want the ultimate protection and security in their homes or office. If you need a restricted key made, call our service and state your needs clearly.

Any time is the right time to call a locksmith. Locksmiths offer 24/7 service that means you can reach them any time, whether in the early mornings or past midnight. Imagine if you lost your key after partying at the club. Would you sit down till morning and go to work late or call a locksmith that will assist you immediately. We will go for the latter and call (972) 421-8809If you call a locksmith in the middle of the night, it is appropriate to give crystal clear details of your location and problem to enable them to come prepared to resolve your issue effectively.