Door Knob Installation & Repair

Door Knob Installation Repair Dallas, TX

You’d agree with us that it’s unsettling to arrive home to a broken doorknob, whether it’s the result of theft or because you’ve been ignoring the warning signs for weeks. People don’t give a damn about doorknobs and only notice them if they’re unusual or have a never-before-seen design that wows your visitors. The door controls the lock cylinder. It’s the portion you grab when you open or close the door.

Green Locks & Keys understands the frustration that a broken or non-functioning doorknob may cause, and we offer a variety of replacement solutions. It could be through installation or repair, depending on the situation. Our door knob installation and repair service will help you safeguard your property while ensuring smooth and seamless movement.

Do you require the installation or repair of a doorknob? For all varieties of doorknobs, handles, hinges, locks, and hardware, call (972) 421-8809 and ask us about our door knob installation & repair service. Our goods are of the highest quality and come from the country’s leading lock manufacturers and we service anywhere in Dallas.

Doorknob Selection

  • Keyed entrances

These are primarily utilized in homes and offices where seclusion is required. They have a locking system that may be operated from the inside or outside. They also have a handle that must be depressed in order to get entry.

  • Dummy door knobs

These seem like doorknobs, but they don’t work. They are ideal for use in children’s rooms or other spaces where the door does not need to be closed but yet provides adequate seclusion without being locked.

  • Passage door knobs

Passage doorknobs fasten doors that pull open readily on their own, such as a cabinet or wardrobe doors. They have a clasp to keep them in place safely.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a knob, there are various aspects to consider.

Is it possible to utilize a doorknob on the outside or inside of a building? We carry a wide variety of doorknobs for every situation at Green Locks and Keys. Make your selection, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why do you require our assistance in installing or repairing your doorknob?

Installing or repairing the doorknob may appear to be enjoyable, but it is a costly mistake.

A professional locksmith positions the doorknob which can prevent common errors.

Before installing the doorknob, our locksmiths train to drill holes in the door at the correct angle. The hole must be smooth and direct, free of any splinters or fissures that could compromise the installation’s stability.

All in all, a skilled locksmith makes certain that the doorknob aligns with the cylinder lock mechanism and the door, or the entire door will be lost. If you don’t measure the bevel, the door won’t lock properly and will need to be fixed. Call (972) 421-8809 right away to avoid paying additional costs or harming a new installation.