Duplicate Car Key

Duplicate Car Key Dallas, TX

Do you require a duplicate car key? You’ve arrived at the correct location. Whether it’s an emergency or you just need an additional key, Green Locks & Keys can create a copy in minutes and save you big bucks.

Our locksmiths are capable of replicating any car key, whether it’s with or without a key, or from a broken piece.

Call Green Locks & Keys right now at (972) 421-8809 if you need a duplicate car key.

Why do you need a duplicate car key made?

When you purchase a car from a dealership, you are given two keys. You utilize one and retain the other until you lose the first. When you buy a secondhand car, however, the situation is reversed. Just one key can be provided by the previous owner. You’ll need a duplicate car key and an ignition lock change for whatever reason. We put your safety and the safety of your vehicle first.

In addition, many folks don’t understand why they need an extra key. Apparently, they never expect the present one to be stolen, lost, or stolen. If none of these things happen, the key may break, become deformed, or become squeezed in the lock.

Whatever the case may be, something will happen to your car key, and it is advisable to have a spare one.

If you need a copy, contact Green Locks & Keys.

You’re not the only one driving – having only one key is inconvenient if you share a car with your partner or son. Suppose you need to get out immediately, but he isn’t there and you can’t find the key. So, what will you do?

Save Yourself the Hassle!

You wouldn’t be in this situation now if you had called us for a duplicate key. Even if you don’t share a car, having a spare key handy for rainy days is usually a good idea. Only a duplicate car key can remedy the problem if your automobile is a modern car that keeps mirror settings, heat, and other information in the car key.

Moreover, duplicating a car key at a dealership, garage, or with the auto manufacturer is pricey. Not only that but getting the key to you takes days, which means you’ll be without a car until they do. A car key duplicates in minutes with the help of a locksmith.  Green Locks & Keys, in reality, offers mobile locksmithing vans that will make a new key for you on the spot and test it.

Car key damages, misplacement, or deformity are the most common reason for duplication. If this is an issue for you, call us at (972) 421-8809 to get a new key right away.

Why choose us?

Lastly, we only use high-quality blank keys and high-grade cutting machinery. A duplicate car key can save you a lot of time and aggravation, and Green Locks & Keys is your go-to duplicate car key provider in Dallas.