Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks Dallas, TX

To begin with, a magnet is a strong force that uses opposing forces to hold two items together. Whatever you’ve heard about magnets is correct, and locks secure most devices available today. Magnetic locks are impossible to pick and offer great security. Most people don’t know the underlying workings of electromagnetic locks or have been by a seller who is unskilled.

Most importantly, call us for additional information if you decide to use an electromagnetic lock for your business. Green Locks and Keys is a company based in Dallas, Texas. We help our community’s businesses by guaranteeing protection with the greatest products available. One of the security locks that businesses require is the electromagnetic lock. Call our locksmith at (972) 421-8809, and we will get right back.

What are Electromagnetic Locks?

These locks are also termed maglocks or magnetic locks in the locksmith profession, and they are locking mechanisms that secure places by using the great force of a magnet and an armature plate. The armature plate is a ferromagnetic plate that connects to the door’s alignment. When the magnet comes into contact with both edges, it creates a force that clamps them tightly, leaving the door closed.

This is a little bit of science, so you’ll probably need a locksmith to explain everything to you. In addition, magnetic doors have become more popular over time as more people trust their efficiency and strength to keep their places safe. An electromagnetic lock’s holding force can range from 200 – 4000 pounds, depending on the specific use. If we’re being honest, this is safety.

Types of Lock devices

Certainly, fail-secure and fail-safe locks are two different types of locks. Consequently, with or without power, a door with a failed strong electromagnetic lock will stay locked and protected. Without power, the fail-safe door unlocks instantly. Likewise, the latter allows for a stress-free flow of people. Do you wish to add these locks to your home or business? Call us right now to talk about your security concerns and which lock would be best for you.

How do electromagnetic locks work?

These plates attract each other when electrons energize by using electricity. This forms a strong bond that prevents the door from closing completely. The concept is simple: energizing magnetic molecules smash with the armature plate, forming a cohesive linear bond that locks.

Furthermore, to prevent the door from opening, these locks work on the principle of opposite poles attracting.

These Doors have a number of advantages.

  • Remote operation.
  • It is simple to install with the help of a locksmith.
  • Great security for doors.

Moreover, the main drawback of this lock is that it needs electricity to charge the electrons and causes an attraction that locks the door.

Lastly, even though these doors are costly, call Green Locks and Keys at (972) 421-8809 for more information and pricing. All in all, your company is an investment, so use an electromagnetic lock to keep the doors secure.