Key Duplication Services

Key Duplication Service Dallas, TX

Do you want to make a copy of your vehicle, house, or workplace keys? Do you require the services of a dependable locksmith to ensure a seamless process? We can assist you with our key duplication services.

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On-the-spot key duplicating

Green Locks and Keys can duplicate any key on the spot and have it ready to use right away. At an inexpensive price, our skilled mobile locksmith will come to your place and create a new or spare key.

Additionally, our locksmith will not leave the area until they are convinced that the key is in good working order and that you are safe. Key cutting is the practice of developing a duplicate key, and the locksmith can either build a new one from a fragment of an old one or analyze the lock that requires a duplicate key. Our locksmiths are skilled and produce thousands of keys each year, especially with our key duplication services.

Key Cutting

Nearly everyday, people misplace their keys, and we’re not startled when we get a call about a misplaced key or a customer who wants a duplicate key. Every home or car owner should keep a spare key on hand. Utilizing our service to duplicate a key is the best option, as going to a hardware store can take days so there is no assurance it’ll work on the first try.

Why choose us?

Our expert reduces the burden and effort of traveling to the store multiple times to return a duplicate key that does not work. We come to you and only depart when everything is working properly. We can see the lock the key goes into since we’ve come to you.

We’re less expensive than hardware stores.

In order to replicate a key, locksmiths employ lock numbers and configurations. The locksmith creates a new key based on distinctive patterns and thickness.

We duplicate the following types of keys; Although any key copying is possible, we specialize in the following keys at Green Locks & Keys:

  • Residential keys
  • Automotive keys
  • Master key
  • Mailbox key
  • Safe keys
  • Garage keys
  • Padlock keys
  • Commercial keys

For key duplication, we employ the most cutting-edge strategies and procedures. So save yourself the hassle of going to a hardware store to get a duplicate key. Besides that, our procedure enures it.

Do I need a spare key if my old one is still functioning?

This is one of the most often asked questions, and the answer is yes. Keys are continually completely twisted on a daily basis, resulting in wear and tear. It has the potential to snap at you at any time if you are not cautious.

So, do you believe you’ll require a spare key?

A spare key can save you in a variety of scenarios. You lock yourself out or stuck in the middle of nowhere, for example. There is no limit to how many keys one can copy, but caution is essential.

Are you looking for a Dallas key duplication service? (972) 421-8809 is the number to dial for Green Locks & Keys services.