Lock Rekey Service

Lock Rekey Service Dallas, TX

Locks get bashed daily for failing, especially when a home is broken into. However, let’s be honest. As a locksmith, when we are called in for a rekey service, many of the locks we work with are faulty, damaged, old, worn-out, or too old-fashioned to provide adequate security. 

While quack and sub-standard locksmiths will rekey a faulty lock, it ends up damaging the lock some more. Additionally, a lock with a damaged pin means the keys don’t work as usual, and a rekey is needed.

Your rekey service starts with Green Locks and Keys locksmith service in Dallas, Texas. We have the experience and capability to rekey all types of locks, from simple to heavy-duty.

Does your lock need a rekey service?

Only a professional locksmith can truly tell you if your locks need a rekey or a total change. However, if a lock has been problematic, it is best to change a lock than rekey it. Rekeying is a cost-effective way to protect your home and businesses from intruders if you are not financially capable of a locks change service. Some reason for rekeying is:

  • The lock was recently picked, and the security of your home and office is in doubt.
  • The keys get stuck in the lock, or it’s difficult to turn it without applying pressure.
  • They are old or worn-out
  • You want to boost security on your property
  • You just moved into a new apartment
  • Your former employee has not dropped his keys
  • Improving the security system after a break-in
  • Going through a divorce and want extra protection at home or in the office
  • And more

Rekeying is faster, easier, and done on the ground by an experienced locksmith. The locksmith is not really doing any hard task but adjusting the internal lock mechanism to a different setting.

Benefits of rekeying

  • Rekey could done on the spot by a professional locksmith
  • It applies to all types of locks
  • You don’t need to buy any hardware or change keys
  • It is an easier way to boost security without compromising your safety

Do you need a locksmith to rekey?

Okay, there are plenty of DIY videos online detailing the process and all that, but your security is more than a practical video or a joke. Yes, you need a locksmith, a professional and experienced locksmith rekey your locks. In fact, our local locksmith near you area here for rekeying all your locks.

If you are looking for a swift and effortless way to increase the security of your residence or office, connect with your Green Locks and Keys. They are your local locksmith in Dallas offer excellent rekeying service to big and small properties.

So if you have lost or misplaced your key; or recently had a break-in, you need to rekey the locks to boost security. Our emergency rekey number is (972) 421-8809. Call us any time, we will be there. Need other locksmith services, scroll through our service page to know more.