Panic Bar

Panic Bar Dallas, TX

To begin with, commercial buildings must provide proper safety features for employees, yet in the midst of rushing to fulfill deadlines, we often overlook workplace safety and tragedy. Despite the fact that history has taught us about disasters, mankind has not learned, and awful things continue to happen. That is no longer the case with the use of a panic bar.

Do you own a business that employs people? Do you have all of the appropriate exits and a panic bar in case of a fire? If you haven’t already, you’ll need our help right away. Call us right now at (972) 421-8809. If you already own a building in Dallas, it must meet the Building Code’s requirements for panic bars. It states that they must be at least 34 percent of the door’s width and easily moveable. Many people install panic bars on their exit doors, but many don’t do so effectively. During sad events, this becomes an impediment.

Why do you need a panic bar?

The main purpose of a panic bar is to ensure smooth evacuation in the event of a fire or other disaster. This lowers the likelihood of fatalities and injuries. Employees will have a difficult time escaping a building if the panic bar is not properly installed. Call (972) 421-8809 to get your commercial property panic bar placed correctly and in accordance with Dallas building requirements.

How do panic bars work?

Panic bars are rescue knobs that are installed on commercial doors to make exiting easier in the event of a disaster. The panic bar, also known as a crash bar or a push bar, unlatches the door lock without the need of keys or cards. The spring-loaded bar on this hold-push level makes it simple to open the door.

Why do commercial buildings have to install a panic bar on their property?

If you follow the Green Locks and Keys building code regulations, every building with employees must have at least two exit doors with panic bars fitted to aid easy exit.

A panic bar is necessary because

  • It enhances the security of the building.
  • Is a cost-effective and simple solution to protect the lives of your employees.
  • Is a cost-effective way for business buildings to ensure employee safety in the event of an emergency.

If an event occurs, the Panic bar lets employees evacuate the building in a safe and orderly way while also alerting safety authorities. Panic bars prevent mass deaths and shoving by informing people that they must queue to securely evacuate the building. If you own a business in Dallas and don’t have a panic bar installed, now is the time to contact a locksmith.

Moreover, to hire a professional locksmith, call Green Locks and Keys at (972) 421-8809

Are you ready to install panic bars?

Did you prepare yourself to add panic bars to your home?

All in all, are you prepared to install panic bars in your San Francisco-area commercial building? You already know who to contact about the job. Our locksmith will go over the security aspects with you, as well as your requirements, and work with your budget and the structure to provide you with the finest solution possible. We have over ten years of locksmithing experience and are confident in our ability to provide exceptional service to all of our commercial clients.