Replace Lost Keys

Replace Lost Keys Dallas, TX

Have you recently lost the keys to your vehicle and need a replacement? Replace lost keys with us. There’s only one credible name in the area, and it is Green Locks and Keys.

Perhaps you are one of the many people who have a hard time remembering where they left their keys, or you’re always busy and can’t keep up with too many things at once, and in doing so, you misplaced your keys, well, we are here for you.

Did you know that car keys are among the most misplaced items in every household, with an average of a million keys missing per year? It’s hard to keep track of your car keys when you don’t use them all the time or when you have a lot of responsibilities and work to tend to.

Missing Keys?

If your car key goes missing for whatever reason, you need to act fast and call on Green Locks and Keys on (972) 421-8809 to replace lost keys as it is perilous to leave your car without proper security. A car with a missing key would easily prey to theft and burglar attacks, especially if your home went through a robbery.

Green locks and keys use the best technology to determine the correct key for your car lock. We ensure your safety by making sure you have all available copies made. The methods are fast, efficient, and very reliable.

There are many places and circumstances in which your car key may become missing. It could be your kids that played with it and couldn’t recall where they put it, or you hid it and had a hard time remembering where it is. Regardless of why your car keys got lost, we are available 24/7 to help you regain access to your vehicle.

Why You Should Replace Your Car Keys

Counter theft

You don’t want to wait for someone to find your car keys and drive it away, right? Then you should call Green locks and keys on (972) 421-8809 or via our mail today to help you replace that missing key.


Asides from ensuring the safety of your car, imagine what a thief can do with your documents. There are many cases of theft records all because the car owner didn’t replace their keys.

You don’t have to wait for someone to accuse you of a stolen vehicle because you don’t have the keys. Especially when Green Locks and Keys can replace those items for affordable prices. Replacing lost car keys is an insurance plan against further losses.

Replacing your car keys is a straightforward process with Green locks and keys. We are available in almost every place you can think of, and we are just a call away. Once you make a call to (972) 421-8809 or, we respond within hours and send a representative down. Once you show proof of ownership, your keys will replace as we service anywhere in Dallas.