Residence Lockout

Residence Lockout Dallas, TX

Most times, we might get caught up in the stress of the day and end up misplacing our keys. This can be tiring, as we need to secure the help of a locksmith who would assist us in gaining access to our homes. Many people often consider the idea of forcefully breaking into their homes. However, we advise that it isn’t a smart idea. This is because once you break into your home, you have compromised the security system of your home, and that would require a total overhaul. Thus, needing the use of our residence lockout service.

The best thing to do, especially if you have a security system in place, is to call a local locksmith who would come and help you with access to your home.

The next best thing to do is to reach out to us at Green Locks and Keys to help you with any residential lockout service we can provide for your satisfaction. We service the major cities in Texas and the smaller counties to help spread the reach of our excellent work. In cases like this, you can call us on (972) 421-8809 for support and assistance.

Changing The Locks

When you notice that you have been locked out of your premises, you should call us at Green Locks and Keys, and we will join you shortly so we can figure out the best options available. Some people, prefer to change their locks when they notice this has happened, as it helps them avoid a possible lockout in the future. Yes, you may be wondering why you would require changing the locks when your key may be locked inside. Well, the truth is that lockouts happen due to the several reasons listed below.

Misplaced or Stolen keys

Weakened locks

Damaged Biometric system

Keys locked inside the house

So you see that the reason why you might be experiencing a lockout and requiring a change is legit. We would also provide you with consultation on better options you can take when it comes to replacing your locks.

Accessing the locks

For those who don’t want to change the lock because they locked the key inside or the issue doesn’t require much change. We also provide assistance in that aspect. We understand that every situation is peculiar. Green keys and locks treat it as so to enable us to provide our clients with the utmost experience. We have the tools which would enable us to help you get access to your house and retrieve your keys.

So if you are in Texas and you have any residence lockout issues, then you should reach out to us; we would send a team there to get you assistance. We have stations in key locations with technicians and show you that we have you in mind.

For contact, you can reach out to us on (972) 421-8809 or send us an email at