Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Dallas, TX

Every lock regardless of how efficient it is has its weakness, a high-quality lock and key will protect you and prevent intruders for a long time. The locks on your house are not for fancy but to keep you safe. At Green Locks and Keys, we know the need for family and property to stay safe and have a full range of residential locksmith services to ensure you are protected in your own home.

Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

Rekeying – if you move apartments, lost your keys, or think your lock is faulty, and then a rekey is a cost-effective option to changing your locks. The rekeying process involves changing the tumbler configuration while retaining the hardware and handle. Rekeying means that all previous keys are no longer functional, and your protection is guaranteed.

Lock Replacement

Are your locks damaged or faulty? Do they make squeaky noises anytime you turn the key in the lock? 

Perhaps the locks have been tampered with, or you need to give it a few bashes before it open, then you need a lock replacement ASAP. In the Dallas area, only one locksmith delivers reliable and trustworthy high-quality locks and keys to meet your security requirements. Our technicians will install and test them to ensure your new lock starts protecting you and your property immediately.

Key Duplication and Cutting

House keys get missing all the time, but the frustration comes in not finding a locksmith that can deliver specifically what you want. Green Locks and Keys have equipment and experts that can duplicate your missing, stolen, or lost keys right before you. We also cut keys. Cutting a key is different from duplication. Duplicating is creating a key from an original one. 

Cutting a key is making one without or with the original by a locksmith. Regardless of the locksmith service you need, Green Locks and Keys are your go-to locksmith.

Emergency Residential Locksmith Service

Locked out of your home? Or cannot find your key and stranded, then utilize our 24 hours emergency service to get out of the fix. 

Whether you locked out or cannot find your keys, we are here for you. Oh, we are also available at odd hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. We are happy to offer a unique locksmith service to Dallas residents. They can trust and depend on.

Why Choose Us?

We have passed all the tests and ensured our technicians have done the same too. This allows us to serve the residents of Dallas efficiently.

  • Green Locks and Keys are swift and will arrive at your location quick to do the job.
  • Our service is affordable and 100% guaranteed.

Need a residential locksmith you can trust, call us at (972) 421-8809, or you can schedule a consultation with us or send us an email at

Other services offered are cylinder replacement, high-security, and master key creation, extraction, and locks installation. Do not choose a sub-standard locksmith. Call Green Locks and Key locksmith today.