Transponder Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming Dallas, TX

For many people, the idea about keys revolves around just locking and unlocking key locks. Many people do not have an idea about the inner workings of these devices. Some people think that keys go into locks and turn for you to get access. However, that’s totally untrue, as modern keys how to have a mechanism that goes way past turning and twisting. Years ago, you could pick locks, but with the advancements, doors don’t even lock to pick any longer. Consequently, we have moved to a more digitized society. Thus having the need of our transponder key programming service.

Among all this new technology, especially for keys, one that has stood out is the automobile transponder key. Manufactured cars no include these keys and do not require that you insert a key into a lock. All you need to is your transponder key, and you will get access to your car lock and ignition. You can’t easily replace a transponder key and are quite expensive and this might require you to get a locksmith. So you might be asking, what is the transponder key? And how do I get a replacement if it gets missing?

Transponder Key Programming – What is it?

Transponder keys have a key fitted with a Radio Frequency chip that serves as a link between key and lock; in this case, a car.  This technology has become rampant in modern times and has been introduced to new cars. The method this type of lock uses is that when a key is inserted into a car’s ignition, the chip and immobilizer are being crosschecked with the programming of the car to confirm if they are supposed to work together. In a case where the transponder isn’t the one programmed to the car, the immobilizer would disengage the ignition of the vehicle and stop its operation. However, immobilizer settings differ, as some would allow the car to ignite to enable it to send an alarm signal; others wouldn’t even let the car crank.

What We Offer

There are cases where a car owner has misplaced their transponder key, which can cause them to be locked out of their car. In this case, we Greenlocks and keys offer transponder Programming services to our clients in cases of misplaced, broken, or stolen car keys. Our technicians train in the latest industry standard on how to repair, reprogram or cut a new transponder key for your vehicle in no time. We are available 24/7 every day of the week to attend to your key repair or replacement need. No matter where you are in Dallas, TX, we have technicians and service stations close to you that would come in and save the day.

So you can reach us on any of our contact services, and we would be right there with you.  Call us on our number (972) 421-8809 or send us a mail at, and a representative will be there to attend to your request.