Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockout Dallas, TX

Another problem that most car owners around the world usually encounter is trunk Lockout. The trunk is one part of the car that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. Especially when compared to the engine, the starter, dashboard, tires, and car keys of course. It’s like the pinky finger of a car because it is often uncared for until it refuses to open. There are reasons why the car trunk might not be open. Contact Green Locks and Keys to find a quick solution.

For those moments where the car trunk doesn’t open, it is not such a big deal until the police require that it be open. Which poses a real threat to one’s access. The car trunk lock doesn’t respond to the car key like every other lock on the car. Even its manual control is usually located separately to show this; therefore it can be technical to deal with if your car keys no longer open the trunk.

Why Trunk Lockout?

Misplaced Keys

This makes total sense because you can’t open the trunk without the key. The only solution is to have a spare key or use the manual lock and unlock control from within the car if the doors are open. However, if there is no access to the manual control or a spare key, you need to contact Green locks and Keys (972) 421-8809 to help replace your car keys.

Faulty engineering

The settings that allow your car key fob to open the trunk are delicate and can easily be altered. If you don’t have access to your car trunk anymore, it may be because the fob is faulty. Green locks and Keys would be able to determine the cause and help you with your trunk Lockout.

Broken Trunk lock

If your car trunk lock is broken, there’s no way your trunk will open if you don’t get a locksmith. In most cases, it won’t open, and you will need to call Green locks and keys to replace the key or correct the lock issues and avoid further complications. There are many locksmiths in your area, but we are the best, and we are always available.

Excessive force

The car trunk is programmed to close automatically when pulled towards Its locker, but unfortunately, a lot of drivers and car owners still use a lot of force to slam it. We can’t blame you if you’re one of those who use force, sometimes you want to carry a lot of stuff back there, and you need to make sure the car trunk is closed correctly; hence you force it down. However, this could lead to a trunk Lockout, and when this happens, you need to contact Green locks and keys to get your trunk lock fixed. We service everywhere in Dallas.