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If you’re a resident of Burleson, TX , the lock can be said to be that object that is as dear to us as a friend, as it has been observed to be something that we humans cannot do without it in a day. Locks which has been in use for about over 6000 years, is very essential to us, even when it gets faculty it makes us feel uncomfortable and unsecured and since of recent, there have been several cases of burglary in some areas, pieces of advice has been given to people who find their selves in such situations to get locks of high security.  Although, owning locks might be very tasking since we deal with locks in our everyday life, meaning right from our bedroom even to some storage room in some banks there are locks available in each of these places. Call Green Locks and Keys Burleson today to get your new locks installed!


Green Locks and Keys
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Our company boasts a complete set of services for any type of Locksmith issue our clients face within Burleson.

Green Locks and Keys Burleson Also Servicing Zip Codes: 76028,76058,76097

Burleson Locksmith on the go

There are a few times in life when you are suddenly kicking yourself in the foot for not having a locksmith number on speed dial on your mobile phone. When you are locked out of your house, car, or even office, the feeling is confusion, and Green Locks and Keys Burleson can help.  Whether it is an emergency or a sudden realization that your keys are missing or your lock is defective, save our toll-free number now, and you will never be stranded.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serving the Burleson area and its surroundings. So if you have any of the following problems or if you are locked out of your office, business, house, or car and need a locksmith professional immediately, we are the locksmith specialist to get it resolved.

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Furthermore, there are different kinds of locks depending on the one you feel comfortable with. Padlock, which is said to be the most common of all locks and the most recognizable lock on the planet, deadbolts are also another popular type of lock and are most used on external doors, knob lock is always used in residential settings, this kind is mostly installed with deadbolts on exterior doors. There are other types of locks like lever handle locks, cam locks, rim or mortise locks, euro profile cylinders, wall mounted locks, interchangeable core (IC), furniture locks and so many more.

However, locks can be very frustrating if it gets damaged ruining one’s mood, and can even make one feel insecure. Due to the fact that locks are constructed with many specialized functions, some have been designed to resist being blown open, others to shoot or even stab intruders or seize their hands can make locks difficult to repair when they get damaged. This shouldn’t be considered much of a problem since there are services of locksmiths to solve lock challenges.

Thus, do you reside in Burleson, Texas, and have issues with your lock or did you misplace your keys? If you need a locksmith, why worry? Greenlocks and keys got you covered. Greenlocks and keys is a company that offers help whether it is needed urgently or if you are just realizing that your lock is damaged. Notwithstanding when the services are needed, we at green locks and keys deliver the best locksmithing services. We are a certified locksmith that you can trust your life with, we render services in most cities in Texas. Try Greenlocks and keys, not only those our services speak for us even our customers are proud of the services we render.

Whether you have the problems listed here or have different locks and keys issues, Green Locks and keys are professional locksmiths to resolve any challenge you may have. We handle all types of lock issues, including residential, commercial, business, or automotive. If it has to do with locks and keys, we are the competent smiths’ for the job in Burleson, Texas.

Locksmiths can be found almost everywhere in Burleson, but there are locksmiths, and there are certified locksmiths you can trust with your life, loved ones, and property. If you are looking for a locksmith service in Burleson, then the Green Locks and Keys are the guys for the job. No locks or keys job is too small; if it has to do with either one, we will be there in a jiffy.

Our locksmithing servicing is evergreen in the minds of our customers, you are our first priority, and we take it not for granted. We are providing high-quality locksmith services to keep Texans safe and their properties secure. Our team of dedicated locksmiths will resolve all issues, and we guarantee that our service will leave you beaming after the job.

Being a licensed, bonded, and insured body under the Texas professional body, we have employed capable hands that will adhere to the regulation and rules of locksmithing. Green Locks and keys always get the job done professionally within the minute. That is our mark of excellence.

So, do you live in the Burleson area or its surrounding neighborhoods? Do you have locked or keys issues suffocating you? Have you been a victim of quack locksmiths that caused more damage than necessary? Do you perchance entertain fear for a locksmith because of past experiences working with one?

Burleson Local Locksmith

Green Locks and Keys service is here to clear all doubts and fears about locksmith with an excellent service. Having a lock and key issue is enough fear and confusion, and no locksmith should escalate it.

Green Locks and Keys locksmiths also provide 24/7 locksmithing service for home, businesses, and automotive customers. Whether you are lockout or locked in or in another mess, we have a solution for you. Our emergency service is top-notch, with professional locksmiths located in strategic points around the city to reach you faster with every call.

To us, locks and keys are a service path, and we understand the emotions attached to losing a key or being locked out of your property. Additionally, we are a member of the Texan locksmith body and have all certification, documents, and approval by law to serve within our jurisdiction. Our service is swift, clean, professional, and affordable.

If you have a lock or key problem, do not hesitate to call us at (972) 421-8809. We will respond within minutes. Do you have a project that requires professional locks fitting? Call us now or send us an email. We will fix a meet to discuss the details. Our consultation is FREE. Our email address is

Locks and keys problem – choose Green Locks and Key, Burleson, Texas.

Green Locks and Keys Burleson

No locks or keys job is too small. if it has to do
with either one,
we will be there in a jiffy.

What do we do?

We are a dependable and trusted locksmith in Burleson, Texas.  If you have found yourself fortunately outside your home with no key or the lock is acting funny, call us at (972) 421-8809.  Or maybe you are not locked out but stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car key has just broken off in the ignition. Well, call us again.

Lost keys, misplaced keys, being locked out are situations beyond our control and a job for the superhero locksmiths at Green Locks and Keys.

Our first line of action to a key or lock problem to all our customers is to please calm down. We live in a busy and fast-paced world where our minds are reeling at miles per second. Take a minute, take deep breaths and start a thorough search of your person and personal belongings.

If you cannot find the keys, do not panic just yet. Gently pick up your mobile device and call friends, family, and then a qualified locksmith near you. Remember, just because you are in trouble does not mean you must accept the first help that comes to you.

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Professional Locksmith Burleson

Experienced workers: One of the qualities that make Greenlocks and keys stand out is that they have experienced and certified workers that are experts in this field and you can rest assured that we will give you the services you expect and even above your expectations. The workers in Greenlocks and keys are the ones that can make you feel rest assured and you can trust them with your properties, loved ones, and your life because they are trained to value the safety of our clients and give them the best services.

Quality product and services: Greenlocks and keys offer quality services to their consumers because they value and take the safety of their clients as their priority. At Greenlocks we use quality products also, so our client doesn’t face the same lock problem that made them feel insecure. Our motto is giving the best to our clients to make them feel safe always.

24/7 services: Greenlocks is a brand that offers 24 hours per day service. At greenlocks and key, we are always on standby to answer your calls any day, any time in Burleson, Texas. This is one essential feature that makes us very different from other brands. Even late at night, once our clients make a single call we are right there in no time.

Affordable price: It is said that locksmiths with affordable prices give poor services, it is quite the opposite at greenlocks and keys. We give good services at affordable prices. Although there are quite high numbers of scammers that even take a high amount of money and still do a worthless job, we at Greenlocks earn the trust of our clients and wouldn’t want to lose it, and since our priority is the safety of our client we always give them the best service at a very affordable price and make them feel assured. 

We Do Car Key Replacement For All Major Brands

Locksmith Services We Provide In Burleson, TX

Burleson Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

Being locked out for your car or losing your car key is frustrating and can happen to anyone. However, help is around the corner. Whether you misplaced your car keys, broken them in the ignition, locked them in the truck, there is only one reliable locksmith in Burleson to call. Green Locks and Key offer residents a unique range of locksmith service second to none.

Burleson Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

Instead of dialing 911, dial (972) 421-8809 for a professional locksmith service now. Locks and keys emergency are impromptu, and you need a locksmith that is on their toes and with you when in your dark moments. Do not look any further. Green Locks and keys are a reliable mobile locksmith with a quick solution.

Burleson Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmith

Whether it is security upgrades to heavy-duty locks and keys, Green Locks and Keys provide amazing locksmith service for commercial customers. Whether it’s an office building, retail outlet, restaurant, or service center in the Burleson areas, we are the locksmith for the job. No commercial center is too big or too small to enjoy our excellent locksmith service.

Burleson Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Whether you misplaced the keys, broken them, suffered a break-in, dealing with compromise locks, or others, call us at (972) 421-8809 now. Nobody should ever come home and feel uneasy regardless of the situation. If you find yourself at home without a key, relax and call the Green Locks and keys team. Our range of residential services is a solution to your problem

Burleson Industrial Locksmith

Industrial Locksmith

There are few industrial locksmiths in and around Burleson that can offer incredible service and prices like Greens Locks and Keys. Industrial locksmith services are complex and require an eye for details to work efficiently in this space. At Green Locks and Keys, we pride ourselves on the vast experience of supplying and fitting specialty locks and keys for industrial settings to keep worksites and properties safe.

Burleson Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Need a car key replacement service near you but cannot find the right one? Do not worry. Green Locks and keys, Burleson offer a wide range of locksmith solution to assist you out of automotive lock problems. We are fully trained and equipped to deliver all car solution anywhere you are – home or workplace.


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Burleson Car Lockout Service

Car Lockout Service

Like our house lockout service, our car lockout service deals with people who cannot get into their cars for various reasons. Whether you accidentally locked the keys in the car or trunk, misplaced, lost, damaged, or stolen, Green Locks and Keys is here for you.

Burleson Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith near me

Locks and keys problems can happen to anyone and at any time. While you can decide to fall victim to the situation, save our number on your phone and call us whenever you have locks and keys issues. Green Locks and Keys locksmiths offer 24/7 locksmith solutions at all seasons, even during holidays.

Burleson House Lockout Service

House lockout service

Lockout or lock-in your home can be a terrifying experience, but there is a way out. Green Locks and Keys offer a fast and quick house lockout service to resolve your problem. Whether it is locks-related or key challenges, call us at (972) 421-8809 now.

Burleson Lock Change Service

Lock Change Service

Your home is your safe place, and when compromised, security is lost. A lock change ensures no previous key owned by anyone can be used to gain access to your personal space. Our lock changes service is the perfect solution for movers, landlords, burgled homes, and customers in need of high-security locks.

Burleson Lock Rekey Service

Lock Rekey Service

Think your locks have been compromised and the safety of your home or business space in jeopardy? Rekey is an affordable way to improve your security without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. Re-keying allows you to reconfigure the locks and get brand new keys.

Burleson High-Security Locks

High-Security Locks

Locks are locks and have their vulnerabilities, which only a professional locksmith like the team at Green Locks and Keys can decipher. If you are looking to improve the security of your home but unsure of the right locks, then allow us to choose high-security locks that will provide plenty of protection to suit your needs.

Any Lock Can Be Opened

Why you should choose us?

We help our customers save money and prevent them from falling victims to locksmith scammer looking to make a quick buck.

Green Locks and Keys are experienced and have built a reliable team of professionals ready to tackle all locks and keys.

We are certified, insured, and bonded and the go-to locksmith in Burleson.

We are well aware that the locks and keys industry is evolving and continually build up our team with the skills and know-how to tackle any lock or key.

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Whether you have a personal locksmith on-call, you have not met the locksmiths at Green Locks and Key. We are easy to work with and consider every job as important as the next. Your security and safety are our focus and our bond of excellence to you. If there are three reasons to choose us, here they are

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Our prices are competitive, and customers get great support from Green Locks and Keys.

We are dependable and a guarantee for residential, commercial, and automotive locks and keys

Our service is reliable, swift, and time because we have the tools to make it happen.

Customer satisfaction is our mark of excellence.

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Our service is
reliable, swift, and time because
we have the tools to make it happen.

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