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Modern-day locksmiths in Grapevine, TX  are trained professionals that work with traditional keys and high-tech wireless locks. So, if your car, home, office, or safe box are wirelessly programmed, then you can entrust a professional locksmith  like with servicing or fixing your locks if they develop a fault. At Green Locks and Keys Grapevine, our locksmiths are trained professionals with a wealth of experience on the job. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are stranded, maybe because you mistakenly lock your car keys inside the car, or you forgot to pick your keys from the office, you don’t have to panic. All you need is to hire Green Locks and Keys Grapevine.


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Our company boasts a complete set of services for any type of Locksmith issue our clients face within Grapevine.

Green Locks and Keys Grapevine Also Servicing Zip Codes: 75019,75261,76051,76092,76099


There are a few times in life when you are suddenly kicking yourself in the foot for not having a locksmith number on speed dial on your mobile phone. When you are locked out of your house, car, or even office, the feeling is confusion, and Green Locks and Keys can help.  Whether it is an emergency or a sudden realization that your keys are missing or your lock is defective, save our toll-free number now, and you will never be stranded.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serving the Grapevine area and its surroundings. So if you have any of the following problems or if you are locked out of your office, business, house, or car and need a locksmith professional immediately, we are the locksmith specialist to get it resolved.

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Whether you have the problems listed here or have different locks and keys issues, Green Locks and keys are professional locksmiths to resolve any challenge you may have. We handle all types of lock issues, including residential, commercial, business, or automotive. If it has to do with locks and keys, we are the competent smiths’ for the job in Grapevine, Texas.


We know we are not the only locksmith company in Grapevine. However, if you need a locksmith company with a certified license of operation, experience, and trained professionals to handle your task, then Green Locks and Keys is your best bet. At our company, our client’s safety is our priority, and we treat everyone with respect. We believe that no task is too small, so if it matters to you, then it matters to us. Our locksmiths are professionals who understand the gravity of their service to society. So, when you book us for any assignment, you can always bank on our capacity to deliver top-notch service that will meet your expectations. If you need us, then don’t hesitate to call our toll-free line (972) 421-8809 or send us an email at

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There are countless reasons why you should have a locksmith company number on your speed dial. It could be because of an emergency such as locking yourself out or forgetting the password to your private safe. Whatever the case may be, the best solution is not to attempt to fix the fault yourself, especially if you are not a locksmith-oriented person. So, instead of attempting to break into the safe or car with force, the best thing to do is to hire a locksmith expert. At Green Locks and Key, Grapevine, we don’t just offer services in repairs only. Our team of experts will tutor you on how to ensure you maintain a safe corridor around your place of abode.

Green Locks and Keys Grapevine

No locks or keys job is too small. if it has to do
with either one,
we will be there in a jiffy.

What do we do?

If you are residing or working in Grapevine, and you need locksmith services, then don’t hesitate to call us on our toll-free line (972) 421-8809 or send us an email at Our customer care service personnel are always on the ground to pick your calls and respond to your emails within the shortest possible time.

Here are some situations where calling a locksmith is your best bet:

  • You forget your safe password
  • You can’t find the keys to your home, office, or car
  • If an intruder is trying to break into your resident
  • You want more security around your property

If you have needs for any of the problems stated above, and you don’t know how to go about it, then you are on the right page. At Green Locks and Keys, Grapevine, we have trained locksmiths that are well trained for the task, provided it has to do with a locksmith. Also, our experts are trained in the traditional and modern aspects of the job, which means we offer an inclusive service at our company. 

Car Key Replacement Dallas

Professional Locksmith Grapevine

If you read this text and do not have a locksmith number on speed dial, save it now (972) 421-8809. Aside from residential or commercial locksmith services, we also offer automotive locksmithing to our customers in trouble.  Our automotive locksmith service includes but not limited to car lockout, rekeying, lock change, key extraction, key programming, transponders, and fobs.

Green Locks and keys Emergency Locksmith Services

Have you ever being in a lock or key dilemma? The feeling is instant confusion and panic, especially if it happens at night. Regardless of the time of day or night, if you find yourself in any locks and key situation and need URGENT assistance, call (972) 421-8809 now.  Finally, Green Locks and Keys is great in the business, changing locks, fixing keys, and making customers smile with swift and competitive prices.

Do you need to know more about our services? Please go through our service page below to learn more about our locksmith offerings.When in a locksmith fix, do not think. Dial (972) 421-8809 and wait. We will be there in minutes.

We Do Car Key Replacement For All Major Brands

Locksmith Services We Provide In Grapevine, TX

Grapevine Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

Being locked out for your car or losing your car key is frustrating and can happen to anyone. However, help is around the corner. Whether you misplaced your car keys, broken them in the ignition, locked them in the truck, there is only one reliable locksmith in Grapevine to call. Green Locks and Key offer residents a unique range of locksmith service second to none.

Grapevine Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

Instead of dialing 911, dial (972) 421-8809 for a professional locksmith service now. Locks and keys emergency are impromptu, and you need a locksmith that is on their toes and with you when in your dark moments. Do not look any further. Green Locks and keys are a reliable mobile locksmith with a quick solution.

Grapevine Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmith

Whether it is security upgrades to heavy-duty locks and keys, Green Locks and Keys provide amazing locksmith service for commercial customers. Whether it’s an office building, retail outlet, restaurant, or service center in the Grapevine areas, we are the locksmith for the job. No commercial center is too big or too small to enjoy our excellent locksmith service.

Grapevine Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Whether you misplaced the keys, broken them, suffered a break-in, dealing with compromise locks, or others, call us at (972) 421-8809 now. Nobody should ever come home and feel uneasy regardless of the situation. If you find yourself at home without a key, relax and call the Green Locks and keys team. Our range of residential services is a solution to your problem

Grapevine Industrial Locksmith

Industrial Locksmith

There are few industrial locksmiths in and around Grapevine that can offer incredible service and prices like Greens Locks and Keys. Industrial locksmith services are complex and require an eye for details to work efficiently in this space. At Green Locks and Keys, we pride ourselves on the vast experience of supplying and fitting specialty locks and keys for industrial settings to keep worksites and properties safe.

Grapevine Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Need a car key replacement service near you but cannot find the right one? Do not worry. Green Locks and keys, Grapevine offer a wide range of locksmith solution to assist you out of automotive lock problems. We are fully trained and equipped to deliver all car solution anywhere you are – home or workplace.


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Grapevine Car Lockout Service

Car Lockout Service

Like our house lockout service, our car lockout service deals with people who cannot get into their cars for various reasons. Whether you accidentally locked the keys in the car or trunk, misplaced, lost, damaged, or stolen, Green Locks and Keys is here for you.

Grapevine Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith near me

Locks and keys problems can happen to anyone and at any time. While you can decide to fall victim to the situation, save our number on your phone and call us whenever you have locks and keys issues. Green Locks and Keys locksmiths offer 24/7 locksmith solutions at all seasons, even during holidays.

Grapevine House Lockout Service

House lockout service

Lockout or lock-in your home can be a terrifying experience, but there is a way out. Green Locks and Keys offer a fast and quick house lockout service to resolve your problem. Whether it is locks-related or key challenges, call us at (972) 421-8809 now.

Grapevine Lock Change Service

Lock Change Service

Your home is your safe place, and when compromised, security is lost. A lock change ensures no previous key owned by anyone can be used to gain access to your personal space. Our lock changes service is the perfect solution for movers, landlords, burgled homes, and customers in need of high-security locks.

Grapevine Lock Rekey Service

Lock Rekey Service

Think your locks have been compromised and the safety of your home or business space in jeopardy? Rekey is an affordable way to improve your security without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. Re-keying allows you to reconfigure the locks and get brand new keys.

Grapevine High-Security Locks

High-Security Locks

Locks are locks and have their vulnerabilities, which only a professional locksmith like the team at Green Locks and Keys can decipher. If you are looking to improve the security of your home but unsure of the right locks, then allow us to choose high-security locks that will provide plenty of protection to suit your needs.

Any Lock Can Be Opened

Why you should choose us?

Lock repairs for damaged locks

Just like every item or object, locks can wear out if they have been in use for a long time. Or it could also develop fault if you or anyone tries to open it with force or the wrong keys. When this happens, the end result will be a sign of weakness, which can make the door lock not open on time. If these persist without repair, you may end up locking yourself outdoor. So, to avoid this nightmare, it is highly advisable you hire a locksmith to help you fix or repair the damaged locks.

At Green Locks and Keys, Grapevine, we have a team of highly trained professionals that can help you restore any type of lock. Just give us a call on our toll-free line (972) 421-8809 or send us an email at You can be rest assured our team of experts will be at your doorstep in quick time.

Accidentally got locked out

What if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home? Situations like this happen mostly when you plan on getting your mail from the mailbox, take a few walks, or when you visit your neighbor beside your block. When this happens, a lot of thoughts flow through your mind, and sometimes you may think of doing something overboard. However, you can save yourself the trauma by contacting a professional locksmith to get yourself back inside the home without damaging your door beyond repair.

Upgrading home security

Technology is changing our world, especially the way we study, socialize, health, and our home security arrangement. Using the classical home security arrangement is not a bad option, but you can get something better by moving to advance home security, such as keyless entry. The keyless technology is easier to operate and makes your home or office more secure. Also, this technology makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized access to your premises.

Local Locksmith Dallas
Local Locksmith Dallas

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